The Most Beautiful Choices


The Glitschberg launch area offers an unique panoramic view of the Pustertal, Eisacktal and the Pfunderer Berge. We start at at 2200m altitude in one of three possible directions (W,E and S) which makes this a good launch site for nearly all winds.

The landing zone is at Weitental or Vintl. That leads to a difference of 1300m in altitude and a flight with a duration from 20 to 25 minutes.

Overall duration is 90 minutes.

Charge including video and photos is 130€.

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The flying area around Rodeneck comes with the breathtaking view of the stretched out Eisacktal below. At an Altitude of 1530m the launch area is located in a idylic clearing next to the Rodenecker Alm. Due to the position of the valley, it is possible to venture gliding flights and thermal flights at nearly all weather conditions. From the air you can see the beautiful cliffs and the castle of Rodeneck.

With a difference in altitude of 500m, the duration of flight comes to 10 to 15 minutes.

Overall duration is 45 minutes.

Charge including video and photos is 80€.

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